Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And so it began...

I had to find a baby picture for our staff appreciation celebration and discovered one of my favorites (left). Favorite that is until reality hit... My mother put me in white tights and white shoes IN DECEMBER??? Now I don't totally subscribe to the whole "white before Labor Day" rule but, if I recall, that was GOSPEL circa 1973, wasn't it??? Can this be defined as abuse?

Now I know what Grace would say, "what other color shoes would you have worn? The white matched your blouse!" Might I suggest black patent leather? Or how about my very first pair of candy apple red footwear? Something, anything but the predictable white?

OK, ok, I'll give Grace a break. She was doing what was "fashionable" back then. But if I could build a time machine, this photo shoot would be my first stop. Then I could turn myself into a rockin' fashion forward baby! Now, if only I could figure out how to photo shop this picture to give it the sass it truly needs...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Happiest Happy Place

As I got ready to see Dave Matthews at Wrigley Field, I really wanted to wear my new HD boots with skinny jeans (read my earlier blog Biker Chic) but since we were taking the El and walking, I decided to be practical (yes, I was feeling alright). Thankfully, practical means wearing my uber-cute Kangaroos sneakers!

I've mentioned before (My Happy Place) how cuckoo for Dave I am. Actually, I was at a conference earlier this year when Zeus called me from seeing Dave at Fenway. A guy at my table said, "who's Dave?" I replied, "Dave Matthews". And he said, "you're on a first name basis?" Uh, HELLLOOOO....

So going to Dave concerts has always been a place where I am happiest. Earlier this year, I saw him in West Palm with one of my best friends and we had an AMAZING time at the 3 hour show. I never thought I could top any of his shows... until Wrigley.

Picture the Chicago skyline on a gorgeous night seeing Dave through the eyes of someone who has never seen him before but who you pray will love it. Now imagine dancing the whole time. Not to mention the fact that he opened with One Sweet World!

It is a memory I will not soon forget for many reasons. To be perfectly honest, I was so happy being there that I forgot altogether what was on my feet.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Creepy Crawly Things

So, you should know I am a complete wimp. I don't like adventure. I'm scared of spiders, crickets, snakes, pterodactyls, alligators, etc., etc. If there is a bug in my hotel room, I will head for the hills - and the nearest exterminator! If you even mention on a walk (or on a trip to the aquarium) that a snake is in my vicinity, I'll probably squeal like a girl. And since I am, you can't hold it against me!

So it genuinely surprises me when I actually do something out of my comfort zone. Ok, so golf may not count for you but it does for me. How about riding a Harley? To some, wearing 5 1/2" heels is quite the adventure, so maybe I'm a thrill seeker after all!

While I'm not going to try and climb Mt. Everest or go swimming (again) with sting rays anytime soon, I would love to sashay in these 6 inch Brian Atwood Python Stilettos. That may be the closest I'll ever come to a snake (by my own choice) but I have a feeling wearing these shoes could definitely bring me some adventure!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Biker Chic

There's nothing sassier than a pair of leather boots bought on vacation. Unless, of course, they are these leather boots. Yes, I am the proud owner of knee-high, Harley Davidson leather boots. I know, I know, you are shocked. How can a Giuseppe Zanotti gal like me fancy a pair of HD boots? Well, let me tell you...

While I LOVE my designer runway worthy stilettos for their glam and curb appeal, I still have an eclectic collection of footwear. And these boots fit in. They represent freedom, risk, abandon... not to mention how hot they would be with skinny jeans and an awesome jacket riding on the back of a 2003 100th anniversary special edition fat boy. (oh, yeah, be jealous - I am SO down with the lingo!)

I've always had a fascination for Harley Davidson. Not like a Sons of Anarchy biker club fascination (although I have recently discovered how awesome this show is - Netflix, send me the first 2 seasons post haste!)... more of a that looks awesome and I bet those riders feel no stress at this moment and I want that feeling kind of fascination.

Since I don't have a hog at my ready disposal right now (yes, you read correctly. I said right now. It isn't out of the question forever!), these boots will have to fill the void. When I wear them, I feel sexy, confident, a little rebellious and like taking a risk. When was the last time you felt that way?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Confident in Polka Dots

When it comes to my job, I am completely confident. Yesterday reinforced that when I facilitated a retreat for a challenged board that couldn't have gone better if I had scripted it in advance. And the confidence didn't come from the peep toe polka dot wedges I was sporting either. It came from somewhere inside of me. The shoes are just a cute bonus!

In my personal life, however, I don't have the same confidence. In fact, I can be totally insecure at times. A very good friend of mine asked me why I can't carry the confidence I have at work into all aspects of my life. Good question!

So I'm resolving to do just that. To be honest, it really boils down to trust. Do I trust myself to make the right decisions? Do I trust when people say they care about me they are really telling the truth? Do I trust that I am a gift to those in my life? It sounds simple, right?

But it isn't simple. It's something I have to be intentional about. I shared in an earlier post that I often wear high heels because I feel more sure of myself in them. They help me take risks. So I'm going to harness my inner stiletto when I start to become insecure, scared, unsure (fill in appropriate adjective here) about my life. I'm going to stand tall and remember everything happens for a reason. And, in the end, everything is going to be OK.

Thank goodness I have people around me who keep me in check when needed... (And yes, I better print this out and keep it with me at all times as a reminder of what I have vowed today.)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Very Girlie

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am very girlie. High heels, dresses, make-up, etc. I can't help myself! I love sparkles and fashion and feeling pretty.

But just because I'm girlie doesn't mean that I'm not tough. Beneath the frills is a strong, independent woman who has survived many trials in life (often of my own making). Sometimes it is easy to forget that... at least it's easy for me to forget and I need a reminder. Sometimes that reminder comes from a friend. Sometimes it comes from my footwear.

Take these star-studded Jimmy Choo stilettos for example. The strappy sandal is as girlie as it gets but the studs give them just enough edge to be tough. That is just the combination I need to get me through difficult times. Well, shoes plus a fabulous friend who reminds me how strong (and delicate) I am.