Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Do you have any nicknames? I have a ton! You may think Messy is the only one but there are more: CB, CC, Honeybee, Shooter, Mel, Bestie... just to name a few! And, I, of course am the queen of giving nicknames. I am involved in a yearlong leadership development journey and nicknamed everyone on my team.

I guess my fascination with nicknames started with my dad. I don't think he has ever called anyone he cares about by their actual name! My grandaddy also never calls me by name. Instead, he calls me Mess or Sweetheart. And there is nothing like hearing him say, "I love you,too, Sweetheart."

And that's what these bone colored peep toe platform pumps say to me. Sweetheart. They even have hot pink soles! Wearing them I feel sweet and want to show my heart.

Who calls you Sweetheart?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Rainy Day Wish

As you know, I wrote a bucket list a few months back. It includes places I'd like to go, things I want to accomplish, etc. One specific thing on it may shock you. I've never been kissed in the rain. Seriously, in all my 36 years on this planet (including the years spent dating and married!), I've never been kissed in the rain. I've golfed in a monsoon but have never been kissed in the rain.

Now if you have done this, you'll probably want to tell me it is overrated and not at all like you see in the movies. And just like the bride who says if she had to do it all over again she wouldn't have the big wedding, I don't believe you. (just so you know, brides only say this because they HAD the big affair...) In my mind, it is more romantic than in the movies.

Which begs the question, what footwear is appropriate for such an activity? You have to be prepared for such a spontaneous occasion, don't you? I mean, you'd hope it would be a summer shower so as to not freeze to death. That means I'd be wearing a dress, right? Or shorts and a t-shirt? Perhaps golf attire? (hmmm... now there's an idea - kissing in the rain on a golf course! The shoe question would already be solved for me then.) I've always wanted Hunter wellies (pictured above). They would keep my feet dry (practical) and red is sexy, right? But does anyone want to kiss a girl in bright red golashes?

I sure hope it doesn't take another 36 years to find out...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Think You Know Me, But...

Just because I am obsessed with fine footwear, does not mean I'm obsessed with fancy. I mean, it is easy for people to think that expensive shoes equals snobbery or highfalutin attitudes (and I didn't even know how to spell highfalutin until now!) but that's not all there is to me.

Beneath the stilettos, highlights and makeup is a pretty simple girl. I love my comfy clothes. I love a night out with pepperoni pizza, onion rings and cake. As a matter of fact, more than a night out, I like a night in with those same ingredients. Plus somebody to laugh with while stuffing my face.

I am not a champion of many things but am definitely #1 at il dolce far niente - Italian for the Sweetness of Doing Nothing. (If you don't know that phrase, run, do not walk to see or read Eat Pray Love immediately!) I love to lay like broccoli under a tree on a spring day or chill like squash beneath the moon on a starry night.

And the perfect footwear for all of these simple things? Flip flops, of course. And yes, it is OK if they have glitter on them! Is there anything wrong with making the simple things sparkle after all?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reigniting the Passion

I'm an extreme person. I can't help it - I'm a Sagittarius! Seriously, though, there isn't a lot of gray with me. I'm happy or I'm sad. I'm angry or I'm not. I'm laughing or I'm crying. It's not the most relaxing way to go through life but, as one of my favorite people often says, "it is what it is."

With an extreme personality, however, comes an incredibly passionate nature. I'm fiercely loyal to my family and my friends - I would do anything for them. I throw 110% into my work because I love the job so much... even when I hate it.

Sometimes, however, I go through slumps. Times when it feels like life is passing me by and I can't catch up or keep my head above water. It's times like those when I need a jump start. Over the past few months, I've discovered new ways to get the fire going. Taking a moment to lay like broccoli and enjoy being outside (my version of stopping and smelling the roses). Golf (yeah, I said golf). Walking on a beach in the moonlight. Visiting a museum to see amazing art. Spoiling someone I love for no other reason than to see them smile. Seeing Dave Matthews play for 3 hours and remembering that is one of my favorite happy places. Allowing myself to close my eyes and dream... about incredible things that have happened and adventures I haven't yet taken - but know I will.

And I can't help but dream one of those adventures will take place wearing these 5 1/4" Christian Louboutin knotted suede pumps. How could you not feel passionate in a sexy black heel with that fire engine red sole? Oh, yeah, thinking what I will do in these beauties gets my furnace cranking!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Sensible" Shoes

So I have a question. How do you define "sensible" shoes? I mean isn't "sensible" subjective? Isn't "sensible" in the eye of the beholder?

I think these tall, black Donna Karan platform boots are more than "sensible". I can see over crowds in them. The platform sole makes them totally comfortable. The suede gives you something to run your hands over when in a boring meeting. They look incredible over skinny jeans or with a short skirt. Oh, and you feel like a million bucks wearing them. What could be more sensible than that?

Where couldn't you wear these boots? Besides the obvious: swimming, golfing, etc. You can wear them in a car. You can wear them on a plane. You can wear them on the street. You could even wear them on a Harley... couldn't you? I mean, could they be any more "sensible"?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Save a Horse...

When I was in High School, I was OBSESSED with cowboy boots. Ever since the movie Footloose when Ariel's bad boy boyfriend said, "does your daddy know you wear red boots?" And she responded, "my Daddy hates these boots."

Fast forward to college in the early nineties and my life was made when people actually wore plaid JCrew shirts and cowboy boots at BC. I immediately headed to Nordstrom and bought my red cowgirl boots (OK, they weren't authentic but I couldn't get to Texas!)

I haven't seen a pair in years but recently started thinking of them again. I've mentioned my bucket list to you before, and visiting Austin is on it. Not only do I want to go for the music, but to find an authentic pair of red cowgirl boots. And PETA can't object to me buying authentic boots, can they? It's not like I wear a size 15 and they would have to skin a bunch of iguanas to make them... I mean a size 8 is like what, one snake?

And yes, every time I start thinking about those boots I can't help but hum Big & Rich Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. After all, that's what Ariel was doing before she put those boots back on :)