Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vertical Confidence

If you'e ever walked into a room wearing 5" stilettos, you will understand how it adds instant confidence to any situation. I don't wear sassy shoes just because I love them... I wear them because they make me feel like I can handle any situation, any obstacle. I wear them because they make me feel like a door could open at any minute that will invite me to saunter through.

So I bought these brown, 5.5" strappy BCBG platform sandals. I didn't wear them until I went to a conference in New Bern, NC. (leave it to me to wear shoes like this during a reception on a dock at a sailing club - not smart!) But amazing things happened that day. A friend and colleague accepted a new challenge. I gained respect I didn't know was available. I understood another friend from a perspective I had never tried to recognize before. Basically, I didn't just grow vertically... my heart grew as well.

So I think stilettos open you up to adventure. They give you confidence to walk into a room that may be intimidating. And confidence to sit on a bar stool near someone you don't think likes you. They give you confidence to take risks... and with any great risk can come a great reward. So go on, invest in some 5 inch heels.

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  1. 5" heels really do make a difference in confidence and mood! I just make sure that I practice walking in them around the house plenty before going out, or they could have the opposite effect ;) Most of my shoes are either flat or 5" and up! Love my high heels and wedges.