Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun People

I have a group of friends that are self proclaimed "Fun People". FPs for short. The core is four but we sometimes have accepted "fringe FPs". To be in the core, you have to meet some pretty strict criteria:

1. You must be non-judgmental, willing to accept your fellow FPs for who they are.
2. You must know how to order and enjoy a cocktail.
3. You must be fun, obviously.
4. You must be willing to make time for the FPs no matter what city you are in and what else is going on.

When did the FPs band together? To be honest, it has been a work in progress but we truly solidified as a unit a few years ago. And to say we have fun is an understatement. We have to often revisit our past escapades via memory, or amnesia as the case may be, lane. (Sometimes we don't all remember the karaoke machine in the cabinet). We laugh so much it hurts.

So what are the benefits to being an FP?
  1. You have a group of friends who will never judge you... even when you may judge yourself.
  2. You get to have cocktails.
  3. You have fun.
  4. You always know another adventure is just on the horizon.
Everyone needs FPs. If you don't have any, go find some. You probably already do but call yourselves something else.

And yes, it is somewhat childish that we named ourselves. But as FPs, that is our prerogative. The first thing any club does is pick their name, right? I mean Sons of Anarchy had to be SAMCRO before they got their tattoos. And look at the Pink Ladies and the Greasers... they needed the names before they could get the jackets.

One last thing about FPs... we sometimes show up for events dressed alike. I guess it is because we are truly solemates. Here's to my FPs - I love you!