Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's In a Name?

Last month, my association changed its name. The new name is distinctive, memorable and kinda awesome (in my humble opinion). So of course, this got me thinking about the most frequently asked question of me lately, "So, Melissa, are you going back to Radford?"

You'd think it wouldn't stump me every time. The marriage is over and I should just let go of the name, right? But here's the thing... Melissa Sharp is a way better name. There. I said it. But that's just me being shallow. Over the past 5 years I have made this name my brand professionally. When people hear Melissa Sharp, I hope they think "passionate about the mission, funny and energetic." (At least, those were the responses given to my personal brand survey - and I felt totally validated!) When they hear Melissa Radford what will they think (I'm not talking about those who knew me then - I know what you all think!)? I know I'll still be all of those things. I mean a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. (You knew I had to quote Shakespeare in this post, right?)

Now for some honesty. Once I change back to Radford, it tells the whole world that my marriage is over. And even though I know it is the right thing for me, it still feels like I'm publicly admitting failure. And I know that shouldn't matter... but it does.

Why can't this decision be as easy as changing your shoes? When I went to the reception celebrating my organization's name change, I was wearing my third choice of shoes for that day. I started with the 5 inch platform Christian Louboutin shabooties, but didn't think I could stand at a reception in them. Then I changed into the kitten heeled patent leather Calvin Klein shabooties but they didn't feel special enough. I finally landed on the above pictured Laundry by Shelli Segal black suede boots with platinum heel and trim. Aren't they spectacular?

So I ask you - what's in a name?