Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Messy in Fabulous Shoes

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Seinfeld Moment

So we had a MEGA garage sale last week. So big that one woman actually bought 80 articles of clothing. Yep, 8-0. Not only did I clean out my closets, but there was a lot my mom contributed, as well as some "stuff" left behind when my life changed in 2009. You name it, we had it to sell. Including, as I shared in my last post, shoes...

So we have discussed, ad nauseam, how difficult it can be for me to part with my footwear. But I continue to do it because there is no point in keeping what I can't wear. Actually, while my garage sale was going on I also had an eBay sale happening for some shoes that were higher end. (Can you say "make money money?!")

I can tell you stories of my life based on what shoes I was wearing (obviously) so imagine my horror when a group of non-English speaking women came by, starting trying on my shoes, speaking their native tongue and... LAUGHING! Were they laughing at me? Were they calling me names based on all my stilettos? What were they saying? I felt like Elaine at the manicurist!

I was tempted to grab my shoes away from them and reassure them (my shoes) they are all special in their unique ways. I know, I just about lost it. But I didn't! I regained my composure and decided maybe stilettos aren't for everyone who frequents garage sales. I later sold a few pairs anyway. Besides, I don't buy my shoes for other people, I buy them because they make me happy. So no, I won't be asking Frank Costanza, to come to my next sale. Besides, could they have been saying anything worse than what I have heard a thousand times - How in the world do you walk in those?!?!

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